Ruby-Collins, Inc.

4806 Wright Drive

Smyrna, GA 30082

(770) 432-2900

Ruby-Collins, Inc.

Ruby-Collins, Inc is a local General Contractor performing construction services throughout the Southeastern United States.

Ruby-Collins, Inc. has been in business since 1970 in Atlanta, Georgia and has successfully completed over Five Hundred Million Dollars of Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky. Ruby-Collins is a family oriented privately held Construction Company in the business of constructing projects for a wide variety of Clients. Our Annual Revenue averages between Thirty and Sixty Million dollars per year.

Ruby-Collins, Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ruby Construction Company Inc., a Louisville, Kentucky Corporation.  Ruby Construction Company Inc., the parent company, has been incorporated since 1952 with Ruby-Collins, Inc. now performing all construction services.

Ruby-Collins, Inc. operates this website to inform users as to its services, how to communicate with us, and to provide information as to current and potential projects.  Any information posted on the website, including information regarding plans and specifications for upcoming projects is for convenience only and is not warranted for timeliness, accuracy or completeness.  Ruby-Collins, Inc. makes no warranties or representations of any kind as to the timeliness, completeness, validity, accuracy or reliability of any of the information supplied or referenced herein.  All information is provided “AS IS” without warranties of any kind, express or implied.  Users are encouraged to confirm for themselves the specifics of any upcoming project and to procure complete bid documents from the engineering firms for the purpose of preparing cost estimates or for other bidding purposes.  Ruby-Collins, Inc. assumes no responsibility for information, plans, specifications, photos, or any other descriptive reference posted on this website and disclaims any liability for damages of any kind arising out of or relating to the use or inability to use this website, its contents or references to any external websites, sources or links, including, but not limited to special, incidental or consequential damages.